Do you like to sell your products via or Amazon?


As an online seller you have the opportunity to join various online marketplaces. These marketplaces make it possible to offer your products on their website. This way you can take advantage of the established names in the e-Commerce landscape.



We facilitate marketplaces, distributors, manufacturers and retailers with a well thought-out strategy to become even more successful in sales conversion.


Wij zorgen ervoor dat jouw producten beschikbaar zijn voor verkoop in de grootste marketplaces van Nederland, Belgiƫ en natuurlijk Europa met Amazon.


We guide you through the IT implementation process, the required CRM interfaces or deliver an IT platform that is ready to use and meets your needs.

Content & SEO

PartnerServices is happy to help you develop spot-on content and SEO to increase the sales of your products.


Together with you, we develop an advertising and promotion strategy to maximize your sales on online marketplaces.


Our analytics service provides insight into traffic, conversions and promotion results of your marketplaces.

Selling on marketplaces?

Selling products through marketplaces offers many opportunities. With marketplaces you reach millions of consumers through new sales channels, without major investments. However, selling products on marketplaces is a time consuming job. We can integrate your webshop with marketplaces, including: Amazon, and eBay.


What are the advantages of being present at marketplaces?

  • Additional sales, on top of your current sales channel

  • Better findability of your brand in search results (SEO)

  • You can profit from the growth of & Amazon

  • In no time you can sell in a lot of countries



Gadget Partners

A fully integrated shop-in-shop with consumer electronics on for Gadget Partners.

ZAGG Brands

Structural content optimization for the 6 ZAGG Brands on the Amazon and marketplaces.


Roll-out of marketplaces and Amazon in EMEA for LEGO.

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